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Fee Schedule



This fee schedule applies to patients with Health Savings Accounts as well as patients who have no insurance coverage.


 The schedule is based on time spent for new and established patients.


         An established patient is one well known to Dr. Herman and, generally, one seen in the office in the past year.


The fee for a new patient Initial Visit of 30 minutes duration is $150.

 The fee for a Follow-up Visit for an established patient (15 minutes) is $75.


 Extended Visits for established patients are billed at a rate of $75 for each fifteen minutes of the visit, at patient request.


Laboratory tests will be billed at a dollar amount discussed with the patient before testing.  


No test will be done without patient consent. 


 Electrocardiogram $35 if needed.

Pulmonary Function Test $35 if needed.

Please be prepared to pay fees in cash or by credit card the day of the visit.